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A new, innovative family of undergraduate degree programs is preparing Illinois students to lead the future of digital transformation. X + Data Science degrees, known as X + DS, combines Data Science with other disciplines to provide a new pathway to foster education and extract knowledge.

The X + Data Science degree programs at Illinois are designed from the ground up to be interdisciplinary and inclusive. The core Data Science coursework has fewer technical prerequisites and requirements than most programs in computer science, mathematics, or statistics. making X + DS more accessible to learners from all backgrounds. Additionally, students in the X + DS degree take core coursework in an application domain of their choosing.  

Each X + DS degree programs include approximately 30 credit hours of core Data Science coursework, plus a meaningful research or discovery experience of at least 3 credit hours. These unique learning opportunities are designed to prepare students with a strong background in data science, inferential thinking, computational thinking and real-world relevance. 

Learn more about X + DS degrees.