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Over the last 150 years, the University of Illinois’ diverse population of faculty, students, staff and alumni has created connections across borders which in turn has led to meaningful and collaborative partnerships with several top tier institutions around the world. These partnerships create a dynamic environment of global learning and exchange, simultaneously encouraging domestic students to seek learning experiences abroad and welcoming international students and scholars from around the world to Champaign-Urbana. This legacy of global engagement provides a solid foundation upon which to anchor the university’s vision for the future.

Vision 2030 is a global strategy aimed at maintaining this legacy, developing richer connections with our current partners, and pursuing new cooperative relationships through strategic actions over the next seven years.

Launched in August 2022, Vision 2030 not only answers a call to action to utilize resources to find solutions to global challenges and trends, but also creates the foundation the university needs to be a pre-eminent public research university with a global impact for the next 150 years.

To be specific, Vision 2030 focuses on dedicating significant efforts and resources to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, research and student exchange opportunities on the African continent, Latin America, and parts of Asia—areas that have been underrepresented in the university’s global profile.

Vision 2030 is comprised of five key strategies—education for global citizenship; engagement for impact in the Global South; leadership for innovative partnership and development; education for inclusive excellence; and global excellence for the State of Illinois—that support the university in realizing its global vision.

Learn more about Vision 2030.