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As part of the Next 150 Strategic Plan, the university is working to advance our administrative services to maximize university missions through the Operational Excellence initiative.

A partnership between Illinois and the Huron Consulting Group, the project will provide strategic operational improvements in budget & procurement, IT & data, human resources, physical space and marketing & communications across the university. This includes locating duplicated efforts, streamlining processes and creating resource centers across administrative services. Teams have already explored opportunities for improvements in organizational structures, service delivery, business processes, and more. 

The Illinois-centered project enlists university leadership and representation from areas across campus. Through a series of activities and discussions, the university has identified human resources and information technology as the first areas of need. With HR and IT efforts as a model, additional efforts for remaining remaining areas will move forward in a phased approach throughout 2022 and into 2023.

To ensure sufficient investment to and success for all functions, the university has established the Strategic Project Management Office in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations, which will focus on the Operational Excellence initiative.

Learn more about Operational Excellence.