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Illinois’ research leads the way in innovations to help the world address the issues that threaten our global society. Here, research drives life-changing innovations, permeates our classrooms, and fuels our outreach.

From cancer and COVID-19 to computing and social sciences, Illinois is known as a place that accelerates the translation of research to real life impact. Research is an engine that powers the local and state economy, creating new approaches to vexing problems, a tech-savvy, highly skilled workforce, new companies and ventures, and even entirely new industries.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Illinois’ research enterprise has continued to thrive.

  • In FY21, the university’s total research expenditures exceeded $731M
  • Illinois is regularly among the top 10 in the nation in funding from the NSF
  • Illinois is among the top 25 in both U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Defense funding and is #3 in the Department of Energy expenditures.
  • Funding from the National Institutes of Health is robust and growing, increasing 40% in the last five years. 
  • Over 150 centers, labs and research institutes continue to transcend college, school and departmental boundaries to elevate ideas, discovery and knowledge.

Learn more about Illinois research and innovation.