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The City Scholars program brings Illinois students to Chicago where they live, work and study to gain exposure to careers and businesses in the city.

The initiative from The Grainger College of Engineering leverages our nationally-renowned engineering students to build Chicago’s tech pipeline. Juniors and seniors within The Grainger College of Engineering are carefully selected for internships in Chicago’s tech sector in fields like software engineering, data science, trading and analysis.

Students connect directly with executives, experts and civic leaders at some of Chicago’s top companies, and take University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign engineering courses, both online and locally, toward graduation. Students receive credit for a full course-load and are paid for their work.

In turn, companies get a first look at Illinois students throughout a 16 week semester as well as traditional summer internships. Ultimately, City Scholars gives Illinois students the opportunity to visit local tech offices, get exclusive access to recruiters, startup incubators and investors.

Learn more about the City Scholars program.